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Giorgione , Palladio and Canova


Situated in an gently rolling hilly landscape, Asolo is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. Called " the city of one hundred horizons" its charm shines from every glimpse ...
Placed in one of the most interesting artistic and historical areas of Veneto, for some years Asolo it is part of important tourist routes, such as Bassano, Marostica, Castelfranco Veneto, Possagno, a land of extraordinary environmental values, where the wealth of enchanting nature, walled cities, artistic works and the Palladian Villas is full of  artisan tradition and rooted culinary vocation. The entire district of Asolo is, therefore, studded with sites and architectural and cultural heritage that must be seen! In the outskirts of this village can be found very  soon the attractive villas and palaces like Rinaldi Barbini’s Villa in Casella d'Asolo on the road to Maser, the latter been tied to the palladian masterpiece, the Villa Maser. Possagno an other easily accessible village, the land of neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova and the most important place to admire its works: its home, plastercast collection and Temple. Going towards to Altivole, deserves mention the monumental Brion’sTomb in  San Vito, architectural work of Carlo Scarpa erected in the small cemetery of the village;  in Altivole, it is important to see the complex of the Barco of Queen Cornaro, country residence of the former  Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro ,at the end of 15th century. Finally at Fanzolo visit Villa Emo,  another Palladian work. The area is also rich of memories and testimonies of events involving these areas in the history of the ' 900: on Monte Grappa there is the Ossuary Monument dedicated to the fallen of all wars, with Vittorio Emanuele’s Gallery and the Museum; Crespano del Grappa is home of the Documentation Center of Monte Grappa and at Pederobba there is the cemetery of the French  soldiers. Finally, in Riese Pio X,  birthplace  of Pope Pio X, is preserved intact the House where he was born.



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